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About Us

CT Somali strives to connect with both Somali individuals born and raised in Canada as well as newcomers with limited or no proficiency in English or French. To ensure inclusivity, all our programs are conducted in Somali. Additionally, we utilize this website to provide English content, enabling access for English-speaking individuals and other Canadian communities. We aim to ensure that nobody is left out of accessing our fantastic content.


volunteer-based platform that aims to support Somali newcomers in Canada


all the programs are conducted in the Somali language

Somali Canadians

Our mission

The mission of CT is to provide support, resources, and community to Somali newcomers in Canada through programs and services conducted in the Somali language. We aim to help newcomers better understand Canadian culture and integrate into Canadian society.

Our vision

Our vision is to empower and inform the Somali community in Canada by providing a reliable and comprehensive online platform. This caters to their unique needs and interests. We aim to foster community and belonging through engaging and relevant programs and information. This will help newcomers thrive in their new home and contribute significantly to Canada.

Our story

Ct Somali was created in 2017 by a Somali newcomer who saw a lack of resources catering to Somali immigrants in Canada. The founder noticed that available information online was mainly in English, prompting him to create a specific platform for the Somali community. As it gained popularity, Ct Somali expanded to offer programs and interviews relevant to the community’s unique needs and interests.

What we Do

Our primary causes

“Having a reliable source of news and information is crucial, especially for newcomers eager to know what is happening in their new country. It helps to foster a sense of community and belonging,” said Mohammed, the founder of Ct Somali. “The Somali community in Canada now has a platform that caters to their unique needs and interests and is making a significant impact.”

The program offered by Ct Somali also includes interviews with other members of the Somali community who have been in Canada for a long time. These interviews provide a platform for sharing experiences that can benefit newcomers, particularly those who did not receive refugee-sponsored services.

Language barriers

Through our video interviews with other Canadians, we have learned that language barriers can be a significant challenge for Somali newcomers in Canada. Many newcomers may have limited or no English language skills, making it difficult for them to access resources and services. That’s why we strive to provide programs and services in the Somali language to ensure that newcomers can access the support they need.

Community building

Building a sense of community and support is crucial for newcomers to feel connected and supported in their new home. We provide opportunities for Somali newcomers to connect with each other and build relationships through various programs and events.

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