Newcomer Suleman Abdi Shares His Journey of Settling in Calgary

by | Apr 28, 2023 | News

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Calgary, Alberta – Suleman Abdi, a former refugee, settled in Medicine Hat, Alberta, in 2013. He moved to Calgary in 2015 to seek better job opportunities and sponsor his Kenyan daughters. Despite the language barrier and that Suleman has no family or friends in Calgary, he has been able to adjust and settle in independently.

On the second day of Eid, Suleman spoke with a news crew from CtSomali Channel about his experience of moving to Calgary.

Suleman Abdi, Calgary

He spoke about his challenges as a newcomer to a large city. These challenges included finding a place to rent and navigating around the city. However, Suleman adapted quickly and attributed his success to attending language classes, seeking help and guidance, and remaining open-minded and adaptable.

In 2017, Suleman rejoined his daughters in Calgary. He encourages other newcomers to prioritize language learning, identify job opportunities and qualifications, and persevere in pursuing their desired careers.
Suleman’s story inspires newcomers considering settling in Calgary. He shared his story in Somali to reach out to the Somali community in Canada and help others navigate their own settlement journey.

The full video is now available on the CtSomali Channel.

For those who do not understand Somali, the video includes English captions to make it more accessible. The video is a valuable resource for newcomers seeking guidance and support as they navigate their settlement journey in Canada.


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