Somali Curriculum Promise Sparks Enthusiasm Ahead of Alberta Election

by | May 16, 2023 | News

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EDMONTON – The highly anticipated Alberta provincial election is set to take place on Monday, May 29. On this crucial day, Albertans will decide who will govern their province for the next term, with the Alberta NDP and the United Conservative Party vying for power.

As active members of the community residing in Alberta, the Somali population acknowledges that they hold the responsibility and privilege to cast their votes on election day. All eligible Somalis must exercise their right to vote and contribute to shaping the province’s future.

This year’s election brings attention to the Somali community, as two Somali candidates have emerged in the Edmonton region, particularly in riding Edmonton-Decore. Sayid Ahmed is running as a candidate for the United Conservative Party, while Sharif Haji is representing the Alberta NDP. It is important to note that other Somali candidates may be participating in the election, although their identities remain unconfirmed at this time.

For Somalis, it is essential to align themselves with a party that best represents their interests and addresses the unique needs of their community, such as promoting language and cultural education. Recently, the NDP made headlines by pledging to introduce a Somali curriculum to be taught in Alberta schools. This development has generated great enthusiasm within the Somali community, as it signifies an opportunity for their children, born and raised in Canada, to access an education that embraces their heritage and language.

During a lively exchange in the Question Period, NDP Education Critic Sarah Hoffman challenged her United Conservative Party counterpart on the government’s commitment to supporting youth learning in Alberta schools. In response to inquiries on Twitter about the Somali curriculum, Hoffman clarified that it would provide Somali language and cultural studies, much like the existing French, German, and Spanish language programs. She emphasized that every community deserves the opportunity to preserve and celebrate its cultural heritage.

While this article does not endorse any specific political party, it urges each Somali individual to carefully consider their own interests and the needs of their children when casting their vote. This sentiment extends to all communities across Canada, as engaging in the democratic process allows citizens to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed.

As election day approaches, the Somali community sends well wishes to Sayid Ahmed and Sharif Haji, acknowledging their dedication and commitment to public service. Regardless of the outcome, it is hoped that the winning party will prioritize the interests of all communities and foster an inclusive Alberta that celebrates the rich diversity of its residents.


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