Ifiye Radio Expands Reach, Bringing Somali Music to Global Audience Through TuneIn

by | May 15, 2024 | News

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Ifiye Radio, a leading online platform for live Somali music, is now available on TuneIn, a famous international radio app. This move allows Somali music lovers worldwide to enjoy Ifiye Radio’s diverse tunes anytime and anywhere.

Ifiye Radio is already accessible through platforms like Simple Radio, myTuner Radio, and its dedicated Android app. However, the addition of TuneIn significantly expands its global reach.

Thousands of Somalis worldwide tune in to Ifiye Radio daily, drawn by its fresh content and commitment to showcasing the latest Somali melodies. Mohammed Abdullahi Adan (Siidii), a veteran Somali journalist based in Canada, founded the station. For Mohammed, Ifiye Radio is more than entertainment; it’s a bridge to home and cherished memories.

“Ifiye Radio is a source of nostalgia for us living abroad,” says Mohammed. “When we tune in, we’re transported back to beautiful memories of home and family listening to our beloved melodies.”

Mohammed himself listens to Ifiye Radio during his daily commute, demonstrating the station’s widespread appeal. With the addition of TuneIn, Ifiye Radio is poised to reach even more listeners, sharing the richness and vibrancy of Somali music with a global audience.

Whether you’re a Somali expatriate seeking a taste of home or simply a music lover looking for something new, Ifiye Radio on TuneIn offers a unique and immersive experience that celebrates Somali music’s cultural heritage and artistic brilliance.


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