Former Refugees Share Inspiring Stories at Brandon University Event on World Refugee Day

by | Jun 22, 2023 | News

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A compelling panel discussion took place at Brandon University’s Evans Theatre to commemorate World Refugee Day, showcasing the stories of four former refugees from diverse nations. The event, organized by Westman Immigrant Services and the Brandon University Students’ Union, revolved around discovering “hope away from home.” Panellists, including Fatumo Ahmed, Robert Asiimwe, Bahri Sami, Nataliia Rochenko, and Aida Harrison, shared their experiences of migrating to Canada and the obstacles they encountered as newcomers.

Panelists sharing their stories on stage at Brandon University's World Refugee Day event.
Image showcasing all panellists on stage during the event. Photo credit: Brandon University Students’ Union’s Facebook page.

The panel discussion illuminated the importance of inclusion in empowering refugees to rebuild their lives in a new country. Fatumo Ahmed, who spoke about the federal government’s Resettlement Assistance Program, offered valuable insights into the available support for newcomers upon their arrival in Canada.

The panellists expressed their heartfelt experiences of settling in Brandon, emphasizing the crucial role of a welcoming community and support networks for refugees. They shared stories of the challenges they faced and the remarkable achievements they attained. The event’s objective was to cultivate a deeper understanding of the refugee experience while fostering empathy and solidarity among all those in attendance.

The event concluded on an inspiring note, leaving attendees motivated to continue building a more inclusive and supportive environment for refugees in Brandon and beyond. The panellists’ stories were a powerful reminder of the remarkable resilience, strength, and determination displayed by individuals seeking refuge and a new beginning in a foreign land.

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