Yusuf Madey Mohamed Faces Imminent Deportation Threat Once Again, Sparking Outcry

by | Jun 19, 2023 | News

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EDMONTON – In a distressing turn of events, Yusuf Madey Mohamed, who had previously faced deportation in 2018, finds himself again at risk of being forcibly removed from Canada. Community leaders and advocates rallied behind him during his previous ordeal, leading to a temporary stay. However, five years later, the Canadian government announced its intention to proceed with his deportation after allegations surfaced that Mohamed had provided false information regarding his arrival in the country.

The government decided to deport Mohamed to Kenya, where he had lived as a refugee. However, he maintains that his nationality is Somali and expresses concerns about the difficulties he may face if deported to Kenya. The discrepancy between his claimed nationality and the proposed deportation location adds a layer of complexity and uncertainty to his case.

Yusuf Madey Mohamed and His Beloved Family
Yusuf Madey Mohamed and His Beloved Family

Yusuf Madey Mohamed, a father of five who has resided in Edmonton for the past decade, spoke with BBC Somali and expressed his deep disappointment with the government’s ruling. He believes the decision is unjust, tearing him apart from his family and beloved child. The emotional toll of being separated from his wife and child is palpable in his words, and he pleads for anyone who can help to protect his family and allow them to live together.

Yusuf Madey Mohamed - Deportation Threat Sparks Outcry
Photo of Yusuf

The situation has garnered significant attention, with Somali advocates in Canada joining a virtual meeting to discuss the deportation issue. Qasim Abdulkadir, among those present in the discussion, created a petition titled “Stop Deportation of Father, Husband, and Community Leader Yussuf Madey Mohamed.” This petition aims to gather support and raise awareness about Mohamed’s case, calling for reevaluating the deportation decision.

The mounting outcry from the community and advocates highlights the deep concern and empathy toward Yusuf Madey Mohamed and his family. The potential separation of a devoted father and husband from his loved ones is seen as an unjust and distressing outcome. Supporters of Mohamed are hopeful that their collective efforts and the petition will prompt the Canadian government to reconsider its decision and provide a compassionate resolution that upholds the values of unity, fairness, and respect for human dignity.

As the deportation date draws near, the fate of Yusuf Madey Mohamed hangs in the balance, with his community and advocates eagerly awaiting a response from the Canadian authorities. The resolve to protect the well-being and unity of this family remains steadfast as they continue to fight against a potential separation that would undoubtedly bring immeasurable pain and hardship.


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