Luubaan Restaurant: Calgary’s Somali Culinary Jewel!

by | Apr 17, 2024 | opinion

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Where they settle, Somali communities carry their homeland’s treasures—vibrant traditions and a rich culinary heritage. You’ll find Somali cuisine in many global cities, especially here in Canada, but economic struggles often force these restaurants to close. Calgary, however, shines with a particular Somali gem: the enduring Luubaan Restaurant.

Luubaan Restaurant and Calgary's Somali Culinary Legacy

Taste the Journey at Luubaan

Nestled in Calgary’s diverse food landscape, Luubaan Restaurant whispers of resilience and authenticity. Serving the Sunalta community for over 15 years, this Somali kitchen offers a comforting taste of home to both locals and those far from Somalia’s shores.

Luubaan’s magic lies in both its food and its atmosphere. Stepping inside is an invitation into Somali warmth and spice-laden aromas. It’s a place where culture simmers alongside the dishes.

Each plate at Luubaan tells a story with ingredients and care. Begin with a soul-warming sip of their complimentary goat broth, a traditional gesture of hospitality. Their fried rice, a delightful fusion of African, Indian, and Italian influences, is a must-try. But the undisputed star is the stewed goat – tender, infused with Somali spice, and a pure symphony of flavour.

Calgary’s Longest-Running Somali Restaurant

As many other Somali restaurants closed their doors, Luubaan persevered, even through the toughest economic challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. This resilience speaks to the enduring need for the comfort of traditional food – the community relies on Luubaan for a taste of home, no matter the situation.

Luubaan: A Legacy of Flavor and Welcome

In Somali, “Luubaan” refers to frankincense, a fragrant resin with deep cultural significance. Frankincense, traditionally burned after meals, creates a welcoming atmosphere that symbolizes hospitality and warmth. Luubann Restaurant embodies this spirit. Its dishes offer a vibrant taste of Somalia, transporting guests through familiar flavours.
In this place, the culinary heritage of Somalia continues to flourish, creating a sense of home even miles away.

Address: 1506 12 Ave. S.W., Contact: 403-452-2452


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