Somali Migration Exhibition: Share Your Journey

by | Apr 5, 2024 | opinion

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Unveiling the Untold Journeys: Join the Call for Migrants’ Stories at the Migration Exhibition in the National Museum of Somalia “Cultural self-expression is an integral part of how Somalis see themselves and
for how the rest of the world sees Somalis.”

The National Museum of Somalia is curating a permanent exhibition on Somalia’s migration history. This exhibition focuses on capturing the stories of Somali migrants from across the world.
The exhibition gives visitors to the museum a picture of the history of migration from Somalia and what it
means to be Somali. This includes narrating the opportunities that migration brings to a nation as well as the challenges and dangers. Not last, we aim to give Somalia’s youth information about different migration paths and choices.

We are looking for persons who:

  • Have migrated from Somalia
  • Can provide an account of the migration story of another person, such as a relative or a friend (alive or deceased; consent required if the person is alive)
  • Desire to contribute to their Somali community in their country of origin

Any personal background is welcome, and participants may be well established, just arrived in their new
home country or continuing on their migration journey. Any person from the Somali Diaspora worldwide
is welcome to participate and share their story.

What is the process for becoming a part of the exhibition?

To become a part of the exhibition, you need to:

  • Answer questions in the online questionnaire.
  • If selected, participate in an interview.
  • If selected, have an anonymized one-page profile designed for the exhibition, accompanied by an audio story narrated by an actor.

Approximately 20 profiles are planned for the exhibition, which is scheduled to open in mid-2024 at the
National Museum of Somalia in Mogadishu.

Are you ready to share your migration story? It’s easy!

Are you ready to share your migration story? It’s easy!

English-language questionnaire

Somali-language questionnaire

For questions contact us on
Facebook: Madxafka Qaranka Soomaaliya
WhatsApp: +252770938539
Thank you, once again, for becoming part of the migration exhibition at the National Museum of Somalia.
Osman Gedow
Director National Museum of Somalia, Mogadishu


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