Somali Government Announces Ban on TikTok, Telegram, and 1XBET

by | Aug 21, 2023 | News

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Mogadishu -Somalia’s government has announced plans to shut down three social media platforms widely used by its citizens, sparking controversy and discussion. The Ministry of Communication and Technology has announced a ban on TikTok, Telegram, and 1XBET due to concerns about their impact on the nation’s youth and moral fabric.

While the exact timeline for implementation is still unknown, the move has already sparked debate across the country. Minister of Communications and Technology XFS, Jama Hassan Khalif, announced the decision following a conference on communication security, internet safety, and social media’s role in shaping societal norms.

The conference was attended by high-ranking authorities such as the Director General of the Ministry, Abdiazis Duwane Isaq, and executives from the National Telecommunications Agency and top National Telecommunication Companies.

According to a document from the Ministry of Communications, “during the meeting, consensus was reached on the imperative to shut down TikTok, Telegram, and the 1XBET gambling platform due to their considerable influence on the lives of Somali youth, some of whom have faced detrimental consequences as a result.”

Somali Government Announces Ban on TikTok

This decision is rooted in the enforcement of articles 64 and 65 of the National Telecommunications Law, aimed at safeguarding the moral values of the Somali populace while using communication and internet tools that have inadvertently fueled harmful practices.


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