World University Games Controversy Over Somalia’s Representation

by | Aug 2, 2023 | News

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Chengdu, China -There has been controversy surrounding the 31st FISU World University Games. Somalia’s representation has faced intense criticism and outrage following an incident involving Nasra Abukar, a 20-year-old student from Jobkey University. Many Somalis have been left disheartened by her participation in this prestigious international competition that has raised serious questions regarding corruption and the selection process.

 Nasra Abukar-FISU World University Games
Nasra Abukar-FISU World University Games Opening Cermony

Nasra Abukar competed in the hundred-meter race without any prior running experience, representing Somali universities on the global stage. As the race commenced, however, videos circulated on social media, showing Nasra barely moving from the starting line, making her the shortest runner.

Results Distribution System
Chengdu FISU World University Games
Results Distribution System

Khadija Dahir has emphasized that Nasra Abukar was selected to represent Somali universities despite her lack of running experience. She claimed Nasra had trained rigorously for the competition. Despite this, the athlete’s performance has raised eyebrows and sparked debates about the integrity of the selection process.

Somalis around the world have expressed disappointment and frustration over the incident. This is especially true considering the nation’s history of sporting excellence. Sports administrators in Somalia have discussed fairness, integrity, and meritocracy in the wake of the incident.

Mohamed Abdi Bare, Minister of Sports and Youth
Mohamed Abdi Bare, Minister of Sports and Youth

During a press conference, Mohamed Abdi Bare, Minister of Sports and Youth, responded to the growing outcry. He expressed his displeasure with the unfortunate situation, saying, “It was very disheartening for Somalia to see our representation falter in such a way. We are committed to investigating Nasra Abukar’s selection and performance. We will take appropriate measures to ensure accountability and prevent similar incidents.”

Nasra’s selection has ignited widespread discussions about corruption within Somalia’s universities and sports departments. With President Hassan Sheikh’s government pledging to combat corruption, the issue takes on even greater significance.

A photo of Nasra and her team at the opening ceremony
A photo of Nasra and her team at the opening ceremony

Despite the controversy surrounding Nasra’s selection, she and her team proudly waved the Somali flag during the opening ceremony, symbolizing national unity and hope. This powerful display serves as a reminder of the potential for positive changes and progress in Somali sports.


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