50 Cent Throws a Memorable Birthday Bash at Somali Restaurant

by | Jul 13, 2023 | News

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London, UK – A prominent Somali restaurant nestled in the heart of London hosted the birthday party of American artist, 50 Cent, in an unexpected and star-studded affair. In honour of his special day, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine’s teams organized a surprise surprise for the rapper, actor, and entrepreneur. In an interview with journalist Abdulkadir Muktar, DJ Cash shared insights about the event.

50 Cent was treated to the delicious flavours of Somali cuisine by DJ Cash, which included the famous “Hilib Xaniid,” a delectable dish known for its exquisite spices and aroma, combining aromatic rice with tender goat meat. Moreover, 50 Cent enjoyed other mouthwatering Somali delicacies, including the savoury Sambusa, ensuring an authentic culinary experience.

When 50 Cent learned about the Somali tradition of eating bananas with food, he decided to give it a try. He enjoyed the experience but was not particularly fond of the spicy flavours accompanying the meal.

 In honour of his special day, Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine's teams organized a surprise surprise for the rapper, actor, and entrepreneur.

The event was a significant milestone, as it marked the first time a global celebrity celebrated their birthday in a Somali restaurant. By attracting more renowned artists to participate in similar events, DJ Cash, a Somali DJ with strong connections to international artists, expressed his desire to elevate Somali restaurants to the global stage.

The birthday celebration at The Village included a specially designed birthday cake for 50 Cent, capturing the essence of the occasion. Skilled filming expertly captured memorable moments, conveying the atmosphere and promptly sharing them on social media platforms, generating a buzz among fans and followers.

The Village, renowned for its authentic Somali cuisine and warm hospitality, proved to be an ideal venue for such a momentous occasion. Situated in vibrant London, the restaurant has garnered a stellar reputation for its flavorful dishes and culturally immersive ambiance. It attracts both local and international visitors seeking an unforgettable culinary experience.

The success of 50 Cent’s birthday party at The Village is a testament to Somali culture and cuisine’s growing global recognition. It showcases Somali restaurants’ potential to become renowned international destinations. This serves as a meeting point where diverse communities come together to celebrate food, music, and shared experiences.

As Dj Cash and his team persist in bridging the gap between Somali culture and the international music scene, we can expect the emergence of further remarkable events and collaborations.

We hope that Somali restaurants in Canada consider hosting similar events, as it can greatly contribute to the growth of their small businesses.


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