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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CT Somali?

CT Somali is an online platform for the Somali community in Canada that provides free resources for newcomers and keeps the community updated online.

What kind of content does CT Somali offer?

CT Somali offers informational videos, blogs, and discussions from various people from the community and other Canadians.

How can I contribute to CT Somali?

To contribute to CT Somali, all you have to do is contact us and we will give you detailed information about how to be part of it.

Who is CT Somali mainly focused on helping?

CT Somali mainly focuses on people who have come to Canada in the last ten years, but all other community members can benefit from our programs.


What kind of resources does CT Somali provide for newcomers?

CT Somali provides a variety of resources for newcomers, including job opportunities, housing resources, and information about health and safety issues such as COVID-19.

Is CT Somali only for members of the Somali community?

Yes, CT Somali is primarily designed to serve the Somali community in Canada, but anyone can benefit from the information and resources provided on our platform.

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