Somali population in Canada

Somalis in Canada

With a significant influx of Somali refugees in the early 1990s seeking refuge from the onset of the Somali Civil War, the Somali community in Canada has grown to include over 65,555 individuals of Somali origins, establishing Toronto and Edmonton as the largest enclaves for Somalis in Canada.

Somais in Canadia are part of the Canadian community

How many Somalis are in Toronto?

Toronto has the largest Somali community in Canada, with 19,810 residents identifying as Somali, according to the 2021 census. 

how many somalis in edmonton

The majority of the Somali community in Alberta is concentrated in Edmonton, with 11,615 people living there.

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Where do Somalis live in Canada?

Where Do Somalis live in Canada?

The presence of Somalis in Canada is widespread, as they have settled in various regions across the country. The provinces of Ontario and Alberta stand out as the main hubs for the Somali community, with Ontario hosting cities like Toronto, where Somali culture flourishes. At the same time, Edmonton in Alberta boasts a thriving Somali population. Additionally, British Columbia and Saskatchewan have become attractive destinations for many Somalis, offering them a welcoming home and an opportunity to contribute to the rich diversity of Canadian society.

Ahmed Hussen

Ahmed Hussein, a Somali Canadian, has made a significant mark in Canadian history as the first Somali Canadian Minister, leaving a lasting legacy of achievement and representation.


Keinan Abdi Warsame, better known by his stage name K’naan is widely recognized as one of the prominent Somali-Canadian musicians, celebrated for his musical talent and influential contributions to the music scene.

Dr. Ali Abdi

Ali A. Abdi, a Somali-Canadian sociologist and educationist, is currently a professor of social development education at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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Why Did the Somalis Come to Canada?

Somalis migrated to Canada to escape the devastating Somali Civil War of the early 1990s, seeking safety, security, and improved prospects. Canada’s reputation for humanitarian values, vital refugee resettlement programs, and inclusive society attracted many Somalis. The country’s multicultural environment and opportunities for education and employment appealed to Somalis in their pursuit of stability, peace, and a better future for themselves and future generations.

Here are the years when the majority of Somali people came to Canada.

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Community organization

Top three Somali Community Organizations in Canada.

Among the numerous Somali community organizations in Canada, the top three that actively work for the Somali community and other individuals are:

  1. Somali Canadian Association (based in Toronto)
  2. Somali Canadian Cultural Society of Edmonton (based in Edmonton)
  3. Somali-Canadian Education and Rural Development Organization (based in Edmonton)
somali community organizations in canada
Somali community organizations in canada
Somali Community Organization in Canada

Bilateral Relations

In 2012, after the establishment of the Federal Government of Somalia, Canada re-established diplomatic relations in 2013.

Trade Relations

Trade between Canada and Somalia is modest, with a total merchandise trade of $3.7 million in 2021.

Partnerships and Organizations

Canada and Somalia collaborate in multilateral forums like the International Civil Aviation Organization, United Nations, and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Did You know?

Canada-Somalia Relations

According to the information provided on the Canadian government’s website, the bilateral relations between Canada and Somalia have evolved over time. Initially establishing diplomatic ties in 1968, the relationship was interrupted following the collapse of the Somali government in 1991. However, with the emergence of the Federal Government of Somalia in 2012, Canada restored diplomatic relations in 2013.

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