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Ct Somali’s expertise lies in creating narrative-focused videos that connect with the Somali community in Canada. We delve into thought-provoking questions, providing valuable insights and guidance not only to newcomers but also to those who were born or raised in Canada. Our content resonates with the Somali community through various social media channels like YouTube and Facebook.

Below, you’ll find a glimpse of our engaging videos. If you’re interested in becoming a part of our vibrant community, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Somali Community in Lethbridge.

5.5 min

Somali Community in Brooks.


MP Faisal Hassan: Interview

4min 45sec

Abdalla : Calgary


Suleman Abdi: Calagry

4min 45sec

Asad Abukar: Medicine Hat


Ct Somali Founder: Mohammed Abdullahi Adan

Nohammed Adan


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We understand the challenges faced by many in our community, which is why we strive to provide services and resources that directly address them. In order to better serve our community members, we encourage people to contact us if they have any questions or concerns about how we can help.

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