CT Somali Platform Expands Reach on TikTok, Connecting Communities Across Canada

by | Nov 3, 2023 | opinion

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CT Somali, a volunteer-based platform dedicated to supporting Somali newcomers in Canada, has recently joined TikTok to expand its outreach and connect with the Somali community innovatively. With a mission to bridge the gap for Somali individuals born and raised in Canada, as well as newcomers with limited proficiency in English or French, CT Somali has taken to TikTok to engage with thousands of Somali communities in Canada and around the world.

CT Somali’s programs are conducted exclusively in the Somali language, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all community members. The platform also provides English content on its website, allowing English-speaking individuals and other Canadian communities to access their valuable resources and information.

CT Somali Platform Expands Reach on TikTok, Connecting Communities Across Canada
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Since joining TikTok just two weeks ago, CT Somali has experienced a surge in engagement, with their videos focusing on the Somali community in Canada receiving significant attention. The platform’s decision to join TikTok was driven by the widespread usage of the platform among Somali communities, providing an ideal space to share information and educational content with a broader audience.

“We recognized the potential of TikTok as a platform to reach and connect with our community effectively. By leveraging TikTok’s popularity among Somali communities, we can ensure that our valuable content reaches those who need it the most,” said Mohammed Adan, founder of CT Somali.

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