Somali Community in Alberta Embraces Democratic Spirit and Hope for Somalia’s Puntland Election

by | May 26, 2023 | opinion

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The Somali community in Alberta, Canada, deeply appreciates the democratic processes they have witnessed since arriving in their adopted homeland. As they eagerly participate in the upcoming Alberta election on May 29, they also closely follow another significant event – the election in Somalia’s Puntland region. This pivotal moment in Somalia’s political landscape represents a remarkable stride towards stability and progress that resonates with the aspirations of the Somali community in Alberta.

A Shared Understanding of Democratic Principles

Like their fellow citizens in Puntland, the Somali community in Alberta comprehends the profound value of democratic processes. They recognize that elections provide a fundamental right, allowing individuals to influence and shape their communities. By actively engaging in the democratic affairs of their homeland while preparing to cast their votes in Alberta, they demonstrate their unwavering commitment to democratic principles and their genuine desire for a better future.

Recognized Importance on the Global Stage

The significance of the Puntland elections extends beyond Somalia’s borders, as it has garnered attention from the international community. Congressman Adam Smith, representing Washington State in the United States Congress, has commended the people of Puntland for their determination and commitment to democratic values. This recognition reinforces the importance of these elections in fulfilling the democratic aspirations of Somalia. It underscores the potential impact of these elections on Puntland and the broader Somali society.

Anticipation for Positive Change

The Somali community in Alberta and Somalis worldwide eagerly awaits the Puntland elections’ outcome. They view this democratic milestone as a catalyst for regional progress and enhanced opportunities. As they exercise their democratic rights in Alberta, they remain steadfast in supporting and encouraging the Somali people, urging them to strive for peace, stability, and prosperity.


The Somali community in Alberta embodies the democratic spirit nurtured since they arrived in Canada. Their engagement with the ongoing Puntland elections reflects their deep-rooted hope for a brighter future for Somalia. As they cast their votes in Alberta and observe the democratic process unfolding in Puntland, they stand united in their commitment to democratic values and unwavering support for their fellow citizens. The significance of these elections, both at home and abroad, serves as a reminder of the power of democracy to transform nations and uplift communities.


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